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Contrary to popular belief, the HMRC is really one of your best friends. At first blush I know this sounds a little crazy, but check out their mission statement: “To provide America’s taxpayers top quality service by helping them understand and meet their tax responsibilities and by applying integrity and fairness to all.”
The HMRC Does NOT Make Any Of The Tax Laws!


Congress in fact makes the tax laws. The HMRC simply acts as an educational, monitoring and enforcement agency operating under Congressional direction. Congress has recently reacted extremely positive to the shifting paradigm in the American workforce toward self employed individuals and home based businesses. They have created numerous new laws that give us tremendous legal tax deductions, incentives and benefits in operating a home business. But remember, “you must apply the knowledge to get the maximum benefits.”
Reducing your taxes is a lot like losing weight. The experts can tell you how, and they can give you tips and suggestions that have proven successful for others, but you have to be the one who is actively and personally involved.
Legally reducing your tax bill and increasing your cash flow is something you have to do for yourself. If your looking for HMRC tax help you must find and implement a tax strategy that is compliant with current tax laws. Why spend hours researching these new tax laws when you can benefit from our small business tax guide? There’s nothing wrong with having a coach to help with tax planning. Far too many taxpayers expect their tax return preparer to figure out a method for legally reducing their income taxes for them. Most tax return preparers do not have the time to review 60,000 pages of complicated tax code to find the “hidden nuggets” buried in the new home based business code.


Let Me Help You Lose Your Extra “Tax Burden Weight” and Replace It With Legal and Ethical Cash Flow From Your Home Based Business

As a Wealth Preservation attorney for over 30 years, I know how difficult it is for the average person to read, study, interpret and implement positive changes in the over 60,000 pages of tax laws. I personally spend hundreds of hours every year researching all of the new tax laws and then designing the proper implementation strategies to easily, ethically and properly implement them to benefit my clients. Now, I’ve taken all of that research that has proven to be extremely profitable for the people who implement it and created the One Minute Tax Coach.

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